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Sustainable management of Non-Timber products

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The structuring and implementation of Projects aimed at the Sustainable Management of Non-Timber Products present in and around our reserves is a central element of the EBCF's Economic and Social Pillars.


We believe that it is fully possible to promote the bioeconomy in the Amazon, generating employment and income with the involvement and training of local communities, in business models that value the standing forest, applying solutions that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity.

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Project Segments
Food - Cosmetic - Pharmaceutical





​Copaiba Oil

EBCF Priority Projects

Business Plan Activities: 

  • Training and Qualification

  • Sustainable Harvest

  • Transport and Storage

  • Process and Production (Cooperatives)

  • Marketing and Marketing

  • Distribution Logistics

  • National and International Market

  • Organic and Fair Trade Certification

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Business Plan developed

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