ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

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Social and Environmental Projects

By participating in our Projects  the company is automatically promoting:

  • The conservation of the largest private sustainable development reserve in the Amazon (RPDS AMAZON RIO);

  • The protection of its biodiversity, with more than 500 native species of Fauna and Flora;

  • Serving 15 communities, 3,000 families and more than 10,000 children;

  • The emission reduction of over 2 million tons of CO2;

  • Combating deforestation, poverty and climate change.

How it works:

The partner company participates in the financing of a specific EBCF socio-environmental project


EBCF customizes your project according to your social and environmental needs


EBCF implements and manages  project monitoring


EBCF promotes the creation of promotional content

What is the benefit to the company?
  •  The generation of all the above benefits for the planet and society;

  • The company will receive promotional content for dissemination;

  • The company will receive a symbolic square meter certificate;

  • The company receives the active crypto Amacoin.

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Projects carried out
See concrete examples of how it is possible to participate
EBCF priority projects:
  • Education: Amazon Foundation Project

  • Income Generation and Female Empowerment: Biojewel Production Project

  • Health: Expansion of the Community Health Agents Project

  • Sanitation: Expansion of the Água Pura Project for all

  • Income generation: Sustainable management of non-wood products


Now is the time to show the world that we know how to take care of our greatest asset: the Amazon.


That's why we invite companies to participate in Social and Environmental Projects  in our Reservations and become part of the movement

We are Amazonians.